North Carolina Instructor of the Year Award Goes to Hickory Fire Captain

CarolinaFireJournal - Terri Byers
Terri Byers
05/26/2011 -
On May 5th in Asheville, Hickory Fire Captain Todd Shoebridge was chosen as the North Carolina Fire Instructor of the Year.  Representatives from the North Carolina Society of Fire Service Instructors presented Shoebridge with the award. image

Shoebridge was chosen as Instructor of the Year for his involvement in many aspects of training including live fire, SCBA and firefighter Safety and Survival.  However, recently Shoebridge has been instrumental in establishing Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) training.  His interest in RIC training began last year when he was accepted into the state’s RIC pilot training course as lead instructor.  In doing so he went on to obtain his qualification as an instructor to deliver this vital firefighter safety and survival training.  As a result, he applied for and has become a state advocate not only for RIC training but also national programs such as “Courage to be Safe” and “Everyone Goes Home” in addition to firefighter safety overall.  Shoebridge not only brought this program back to the Hickory Fire Department but he took it upon himself to establish partnerships with local businesses to provide locations for our department to facilitate this program  

After researching the newest revision of the National Fire Protection Associations 1407 standard on Rapid Intervention Crews, he designed a program to meet the needs of our members using this standard and developed a departmental Standard Operating Guideline for the department. 

Shoebridge also brought together other members of the department to build training props, and worked with the local community college to develop a schedule, determine and obtain logistical needs to provide this training to over 100 members in our organization. 

Battalion Chief Rick Davis stated “Captain Shoebridge has went above and beyond what was required for a training program and has taken it upon himself to ensure the survival and safety of our members through not just delivering another training class, but instilling safety through education and applying current techniques to aid them in survival and going home once their duty shift ends that meets the NFPA 1407 Standard on Rapid Intervention Teams” While  NFPA Standards are voluntarily they are national recognized standards which serve as “Industry Standards” for the fire service, NC Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSHA), and the Department of Homeland Security.

He holds various certifications including North Carolina Fire Inspector I, Level II Fire Service Instructor and Hazardous Materials Operations and Technician level. 

Shoebridge is a Captain with the Hickory Fire Department where he has been employed since March 31, 1992. He has been a qualified Fire and Rescue Instructor for 17 years and in 1995 he was qualified as a Live Fire Instructor.  Shoebridge is also a Hazardous Materials Instructor, a North Carolina Breathing School Instructor, and a member of the North Carolina Society of Fire Service Instructors

In 2000, he completed training as a Fire/Arson Investigator, and has obtained level I, and probationary II Fire Inspector certifications. Working through the North Carolina Fire & Rescue Commission, he has also completed Fire Officer I, II, and III certifications, He holds certifications as a National Registry (PROBOARD) Fire Officer III, Rapid Intervention and National Fire Academy Mayday Instructor, Hazardous Materials Technician, Level II Fire Service Instructor, Basic VMR Rescue Technician, and Fire/Arson Investigator (CFI) through the NC Fire and Rescue Commission.  Shoebridge holds associate’s degrees in Biology and Ecology from Montreat College and is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science at the University Maryland.   He is married to Dawn and has four children, Heatherlyn, Drew, Adam, and Devin.

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