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04/29/2011 -

The SpillKleen® Chemical Spill Kit, is a convenient laboratory spill kit with everything the emergency responder, EH&S professional, or employee who routinely uses chemicals, needs to neutralize, absorb, and render safe most small, routine chemical spills, including acids, bases, mercury spills, and spills with explosive vapors.


Emergency response agencies, like fire departments or ER teams are obliged to deal with multiple, unpredictable chemical spills.  Yet barriers exist to effective chemical readiness. Most available chemical spill products focus on neutralization of one spill type, usually for large spills. Other products simply absorb the spill with robust absorbents without neutralization. OSHA requires “facilities must have means to neutralize spilled hazardous materials,” so neutralization is preferred over absorption of  hazardous substances, because of hazardous residue and absorbed material hazard.  Assembling products for broad-spectrum readiness requires chemical expertise that most response teams don’t have. Moreover, since most available products are designed for large spills of a single chemical type, housing these products and hauling them in ER vehicles may be prohibitive.

Let the SpillKleen® Chemical Spill Kit solve these problems for you and save money.  The kit is a handy, portable five-gallon bucket sized container with a range of materials to neutralize, render less harmful, and adsorb most common types of chemical spills. Each spill kit can neutralize 5-10 lb. concentrated acid, 1 lb. solid or 2 lb. liquid lye/drain cleaner, render 4.8 oz. explosive liquid non-explosive, and absorb 3 lb. less harmful or neutralized liquid material. If you anticipate a larger spill, just load up several SpillKleen® Chemical Spill Kits. Spill kits contain dust masks, protective gloves, brush and dustpan, disposal bags, and hazardous waste disposal manifests. 

After emergency response, simply re-order replacement spill kit components from Maintain a provided bi-weekly, spill kit contents checklist.

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