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Fire Service Plus, Inc.
04/29/2011 -

Our mission at Fire Service Plus, Inc. is committed to saving lives, property and protecting the environment by manufacturing the most environmentally friendly firefighting agents in the world employing green agent technology.


Fire Service Plus, Inc. is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of firefighting agents in the world. Fire Service Plus, Inc. has incorporated thirty years of research and development to achieve the most advanced technology in firefighting agent chemistry. FireAde® products are redefining the standards for the firefighting industry.

Fire Service Plus, Inc. corporate headquarters is located in Fayetteville, Georgia, USA, while servicing over 30 countries worldwide. Fire Service Plus, Inc. presently employs a team of professionals with fifty years of experience in government, municipal and industrial firefighting sales. Our business is recognized worldwide for the high level of integrity in manufacturing and management of FireAde® products.   

Today, Fire Service Plus, Inc. produces FireAde® products that are multi-featured, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and biodegradable. These features are extremely effective and unparalleled universally.
Green Agent Technology

Green Agent Technology is the manufacturing process used by Fire Service Plus, Inc. that makes FireAde® 2000 products 100% environmentally friendly. FireAde® 2000 is made of 98% organic compound, contains no PFOA or PFOS, zero hazardous chemicals and consists of fully biodegradable water based and food grade ingredients. FireAde® 2000 does not contain any ingredients reportable under the Superfund amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA Title III, Section 313 of 40 CFR-372 or Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).

FireAde® 2000 is the first “true” Class A and B firefighting foam ever produced. FireAde® 2000 is UL Listed as a liquid foam concentrate at 3% for Class B fires and UL Classified as a Wetting Agent (NFPA 18/2006) for Class A fires in the same formulation. Fire Service Plus, Inc. is the ONLY manufacturer to accomplish these two approvals in one product. FireAde® 2000 is ISO compliant and meets all NFPA requirements.

FireAde® and FireAde® 2000 are registered trademarks of Fire Service Plus, Inc.

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  9/18/2012 2:25:12 PM

NFPA 18 Test Results 
Why Wont Fireade ( fire service plus) release the test results for the NFPA 18 testing done by UL????
  8/18/2012 11:31:03 AM

Food Grade Ingredients????? 
What are the Food Grade Ingredients??????

FireAde 2000 contains only water based and food grade ingredients to protect the integrity of the environment. http://www.canadafirefoam.ca/fireade_2000.html

-Water Based and Food Grade ingredients - http://canadafirefoam.ca/fireade_2000_brochure.pdf

• Encompasses Water Based and Food Grade Ingredients - http://mecofire.com/fireade.html


Water - Cas No. 7732-18-5 <80%
2-Methyl-2,4-pentanediol 107-41-5 <8%
Sodium octyl sulfate 142-31-4 <8%
Polyethylene glycol,nonyl, decyl,undecyl ether- 68439-46-3 <2%
Sodium decyl sulfate 142-87-0 <0.8%
  8/3/2012 12:04:17 PM

some additional info 
Tyndall AFB Test
FireAde 2000 AFFF LP contained a fluorinated surfactant, similar to what is found in 3M AFFF

There has been an incident that the NFPA has discussed about a metal fire and the use of FireAde. One fatality and serious injuries involved.
Tim Myers gave a presentation on the St. Anna, WI fire (one firefighter killed,
several injured) at an aluminum casting facility. Aluminum machining residue was found
in an outside dumpster containing fines and powder, and several drums of dross. The
dumpster was full.
- The fire department started applying water mist with ¾-inch line.
- began applying 1% Fireade foam @ 50 psi
- increased to 2% Fireade foam @ 50 psi
- increased to 3% Fireade foam @ 75 psi
- explosion approximately 12 minutes after fire department arrived.

  8/1/2012 6:39:21 AM

Tyndall AFB Test
FireAde 2000 AFFF LP contained a fluorinated surfactant, similar to what is found in 3M AFFF
  8/1/2012 6:38:22 AM

Tyndall AFB Test
FireAde 2000 AFFF LP contained a fluorinated surfactant, similar to what is found in 3M AFFF
  7/19/2012 6:23:00 AM

Tindall AFB Test Toxicity 

look at page 5.

The first toxicity screen performed with FireAde 2000 had an unusual reaction with fish. After the fish had died the remains turned to a gel-like consistency. This result had never been observed before with any other agent. Additional analysis of the foam concentrate showed that the pH ( 12.4) was higher than the neutral pH indicated by the manufacturer. The manufacturer sent a second sample for testing and the first batch was sent back the manufacturer for analysis. The second batch of FireAde 2000 was closer to neutral; HOWEVER, this did not significantly improve the LC50 (74 to 92 ppm), indicating that the high level of toxicity was not due to pH alone.

  7/11/2012 6:42:46 PM
GA Peach 

Food Grade Ingredients? 
Is that the Red Food Coloring or the 80% water in the product?
  7/11/2012 5:53:03 PM
GA Peach 

Food Grade Ingredients??????? 
Is that the red dye or the 80% water in the product?
  1/13/2012 12:46:11 PM

New Comment 
I raelly needed to find this info, thank God!

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