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Sherry Brooks
04/29/2011 -

It was early on a Thursday morning in February when I answered a call from the hospital letting us know that one of our employees was there and would call us later when he got into a room. Of course we were all speculating what could have happened. Did he have a heart attack? Was it a car wreck? Why didn’t his wife call and let us know what was going on with our friend Bob?


That afternoon we finally got a call into Bob’s room and spoke with his oldest son, Tim. To our horror we found that Bob’s house had caught on fire and burned to the ground. All of us were in shock at this terrible news. His entire family was hospitalized and his youngest son was in critical condition at a hospital in South Carolina.

We just could not wrap our minds around what happened to Bob. We see news on television weekly about a business, house or apartment complex burning. It is different when it happens to someone close.

It really made me think about our first responders and what they face when saving human lives, or how they feel when they don’t. I spoke to a few firemen and they each had a memory they said they would never forget. One said he found a little girl in a bathtub, laying there with her hands as if in prayer. He said her death still haunts him.

It takes special people to run into burning buildings to save others, at a risk to themselves. We appreciate you. We thank you, the Charlotte fire department that responded to our friend’s house early that morning. The fire department continued to respond even after the fire. Capt. Rob Brisley attended the funeral for Bob’s young son Kevin. They have met with him to be a spokesperson for fire alarms. They have been there for him towards the rebuilding of his house and ideas to make it safer. This goes beyond their job descriptions and it’s not something expected.

Thank you for helping to make a very bad event, a little easier.

On a lighter note, but it was serious at the time — if you know Gwen Shuford, you know how much she loves her high heels. One weekend while in those high heels she decided to move a potted plant, that was bigger than she is, on her porch. She picked it up, lost her balance and fell off the porch, cracking her head on the cement walkway. Even while her white shirt turned dark with blood, she still wouldn’t agree to let the paramedics take her to the hospital. I could say she gave them a pretty hard time of it and I think they would agree. They did manage to get her to the hospital where the doctor did some fancy stitching and she’s as good as new. Ms. Shuford wants to thank these patient and caring professionals for saving her life and helping her through a difficult situation.

Enjoy this issue. Special training articles include: using aviation in search and rescue, “KISS,” forcible entry, extrication, how to handle liability and patient refusals, apparatus safety, communications, and product hazards to name a few. Let us hear from you on what you’d like to see in the next issue.

Congratulations to Josh Kingsmore

Josh Kingsmore is our contest winner and has received a $1000 gift certificate from 5.11 Tactical. He has been working in EMS and rescue since 2004.

“I work for Spartanburg EMS in Spartanburg S.C. as a Senior Paramedic,” says Kingsmore. “I am a father of four children and a lovely wife of six years.  I very much enjoy this line of work and it is certainly a career that you must be passionate about.  The Carolina Fire Journal is how I keep up with the cutting edge news in our ever expanding world. I look forward to enjoying my gift certificate.”

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