Antique and Modern Fire Apparatus on Display during Rekindle Society Parade

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02/28/2011 -

On Saturday April 2nd, 2011, the Rekindle Society invites you to their Third Annual Muster and Parade.  The Rekindle Society is the Carolina's local chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America (SPAAMFAA). 


On this day, the Society and other Fire Departments will respond to Cheraw, SC.  In Cheraw, their apparatus will be shared with all those in attendance at the Spring Fling.  During the day, antique and modern apparatus will be paraded, displayed and pumped.  Stop by to experience first hand the sights and sounds of antique and modern fire apparatus that are serving communities across the country.  The event is free to the public.  For more information, please visit the Rekindle Society website at; contact Roy Allison at 843-537-3914 or 843-439-0285; or contact Tommy Creech at 843-537-2184 or 843-910-1817.

About SPAAMFAA & the Rekindle Society:

The Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America was founded in 1958 as an international, educational, historical, and non-profit society.  It was started in Syracuse, NY by a group of people dedicated to preserving, restoring, and operating the fire fighting apparatus that are a part of our heritage.  In 2000 in Spartanburg, SC, a Firefighter named Rocky Pollard wanted to promote the preservation and history of antique fire trucks.  Rocky, a member of SPAAMFAA, wrote a newspaper article in the local paper advertising for fellow fire history buffs.  The newspaper article recruited Travis Stafford, Tommy Pearson, and Paul Sisk.  Together they formed a local

chapter of SPAAMFAA.  The closest chapter to Spartanburg was in North Carolina, however, it no longer had active membership.  The four of them met at O’Charley’s Restaurant in Spartanburg at noon on December 30th, 2000 and invited the members of the North Carolina Chapter.  On that day, The Piedmont Area Antique Fire Truck Association, also known as the Rekindle Society, was born. Since that day membership has grown to over forty members in both North and South Carolina.  The chapter became increasingly familiar to other chapters nationwide through national conventions and newsletters.  In 2005, the chapter’s name was changed to The Carolina’s Chapter of SPAAMFAA, or the Rekindle Society.


Photos Courtesy of R.W. Allison.
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