City of Rocky Mount FD Awarded $1,000

CarolinaFireJournal -

01/11/2011 -

The City of Rocky Mount Fire Department was awarded a $1,000 stipend from the national nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) to increase its home fire sprinkler education locally by conducting a live fire and sprinkler side-by-side educational demonstration. With funding through a Fire


Prevention and Safety Grant awarded by the Grant Programs Directorate of FEMA, HFSC selected 100 fire departments nationwide that participate in the “Built for Life Fire Department” program to receive the stipend. “Built for Life Fire Departments” commit to making home fire sprinklers a focus of their educational efforts.

“We are privileged to receive this generous stipend,” says Rocky Mount Fire Chief, Trey Mayo. “With the help of HFSC’s educational material, we were able to provide this important demonstration, which illustrates the danger of home fires and the life-saving benefits of home fire sprinklers

A live fire demonstration included two similarly furnished rooms — one protected with fire sprinklers and the other not. Hundreds of people who attended the demonstration were able to experience firsthand how quickly a fire can become deadly versus the effectiveness of a fire sprinkler system in controlling a fire. In the fire on the left, the residential sprinkler activated within 30 seconds of first flame. In the fire on the right, the room was fully involved within three and one-half minutes. This demonstration was performed in October in conjunction with the Down East Festival and Fire Prevention Week activities at the Fire Department’s Support Services Complex located at 404 S. Church Street. Rocky Mount, NC.

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