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Sherry Brooks [email protected]
01/11/2011 -

What an end to 2010! The weather forecasters got it right the first time and then kept flip flopping on where the snow would be and how much we could expect. It was an exciting time for little kids and some grownups having a snowy Christmas, maybe for the first time, but all those on call for the holidays had an idea of what this snowy Christmas holiday would mean for them.


I want to thank all those that had to leave their families, maybe during Christmas dinner, while opening presents with their loved ones to answer a call and hoping that it wasn’t something too serious. I saw many EMS and fire and rescue vehicles on the road Christmas day in the western part of North Carolina. It was treacherous driving conditions with cars skidding off unplowed interstates. I saw an SUV filled with young people flipped on the side of the road. No one was hurt (except the SUV), but rescue was there to help keep them safe and get them to a safe location. I was lucky; I was in a 4-wheel drive with my step dad driving. Yes, he’s had 67 years of experience on the road.

It was a beautiful day for many, and a sad day for many more. I want you to know that you are appreciated for the sacrifices you have to make during these holiday seasons, especially in inclement weather.

It’s a brand new year to make those promises again. I hope you will look around your department and make your list. We have many ideas in this issue to get you started.

Maybe you will plan on more training in your department. Ed Henry’s article in this issue is about elevator safety, something we might not train for that often, or even give a thought. He has many ideas on identifying the different types of elevators and safety tips. Tim Wojcik asks if you have checked your truck and tells you four ways your truck can save your life. David Green gives us lessons learned from One Meridian Plaza. This cluster of bad events gives valuable training lessons and reminds us that “many of the prevention, education and code enforcement activities not only protect the lives of our citizens, but also all of our lives.” And, as always, weight loss and fitness training is a resolution for many of us. We have some good ideas on fitness and training with articles beginning on page 60 to get you started.

Along these lines, I want to thank our writers for all the valuable information they provide our readers each issue. They are a creative and talented group that are volunteers, work regular jobs, have families and still find time to research and send in articles that make us think and want to learn more.

I want to also thank our advertisers for providing great services and resources to our readers.

A special note: we are now on Facebook and Twitter. We’re also making changes to our Web site to bring more information more often to our readers. Don’t forget to log in and register for our great giveaway. Details on page 3.

Let’s have a safe year!

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