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Differences in Practices Between Rural and Urban First Responders: Examining How First Responders Handle Irritant Gas Syndrome Agent (IGSA) Disasters in Rural Versus Urban Settings

(Funding Supported by Magellan Scholar Program University of South Carolina: 11200-15-37930) During this past summer, I had the pleasure of attending the South Carolina Fire Rescue Conference ... Read More...

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Tis’ the Season – for CO calls

This article is likely being read after the first of the year, but it is being written as we crank up for the Christmas holidays. Tis’ the season for Santa Claus, eggnog, and Carbon Monoxide (CO) cal... Read More...

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Railroad Incident Response: Rolling Stock and Locomotives

In our last article we examined the all hazards approach to a railroad incident. In this issue, we’ll take a closer look at some of the rolling stock and locomotives that we may come across in our re... Read More...

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Railroad Incident Response: An All Hazards Approach

Response to a hazardous materials response is covered only briefly in Hazardous Materials Operations classes. Unless the instructor chooses to add some additional material, the discussion usually foc... Read More...

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Hazmat training can be fun!

Of all continuing education topics that firefighters are required to attend over the course of a year, hazardous materials probably ranks near the top — if it isn’t number one. Why is this? In some c... Read More...

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Ammonium Nitrate — Fertilizer or Foe?

On April 17, 2013, in the town of West, Texas, an Ammonium Nitrate explosion occurred which killed at least 15 people (including 11 firefighters), injured 160 people and damaged or destroyed over 150... Read More...

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So you want to be a Hazardous Materials Instructor?

In previous articles, we have discussed the possibilities of your joining a Hazardous Materials Team or becoming a Hazardous Materials Team Officer. In this issue, we’re going to complete the triangl... Read More...

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What’s a ‘whacker tool’? TOOLS OF THE TRADE

During the last couple months I have had the chance to become familiar with a new product by the Weddle Tool Company (WTC) called the “Whacker Tool.” WTC describes the Whacker Tool as the “one person... Read More...

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CALLED UP TO THE SHOW Your journey to becoming a Hazmat Technician

The transition from operations level to technician level of hazmat certification and competency is often described as the largest leap in scale and scope in one’s hazmat career. Whether you are volun... Read More...

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Medical monitoring of Hazardous Materials Entry Teams A risk Management Tool for Injury Prevention

Structural fire fighting is a dangerous activity that is physically demanding. Firefighters who are members of Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Response Teams face the same dangers on a hazmat response a... Read More...

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Hazardous materials response and USAR

Ask anyone what they think of when the term USAR is mentioned, and you will probably get a response having to do with 9/11, Oklahoma City, Technical Rescue, etc. Very few, if any, would answer hazard... Read More...

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Keep your people safe and spend less

You can very likely do a better job of protecting your people from dangerous gases — and you can probably get it done while spending less than you are now. It’s an important mission to accomplish. Read More...

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Hazmat Sustainability: The proper care and feeding of a hazmat team

Sustainability is broadly defined as the utilization of a resource in a manner in which the resource will not be damaged or depleted. The very concept described by the word also applies to hazardous ... Read More...

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So you want to be a hazmat research/science officer?

At hazardous materials incidents the product drives everything. Staging distances, suit selection, mitigation methods, the type of decontamination used, and public protective actions are all examples... Read More...

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HazMat Challenge 2013

The 2013 HazMat Challenge, sponsored by the N.C. Association of Hazardous Materials Responders was another huge success. We had 10 teams from nine departments across North Carolina who competed for v... Read More...

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