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Heat Causes More Than Stress

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EMS Perfect to Help With Needle Exchange Program

The use of injection drugs has been exploding ove... More >>

Modeling Resource Deployment: Fire Stations — Where, When and Why

(This is part two of a two part series.) A... More >>

Updating Your Extrication Techniques for 2017

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The Passionate Fire Officer

Over the past month or so I have found myself in ... More >>

I Am In Need of Sleep

How has everyone been? Getting ready for the summ... More >>

National Fire Academy Offers Hazardous Materials Curriculum

The National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland... More >>

What Price Will You Pay?

Five years ago when Firefighter Behavioral Health... More >>

The Active Shooter Threat: Why Fire and EMS Agencies Must Prepare

Mass Shootings in the United States The United... More >>

DATA - What’s the Big Deal?

As the spring issue of Fire Rescue Journal goes t... More >>

The Journey Fire and Rescue Training in Guatemala

I have gotten a lot of questions over the past fe... More >>

Eating Fit for Firefighters

Firefighters often find mealtime at the station a... More >>

Post Traumatic Stress Can Lead to Permanent Changes if Not Treated

Last fall, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team d... More >>

Climbing up the Ladder

When I began my career in the fire service in 198... More >>

Fire Physics: The New Offensive Fire Attack?

By now, you may have heard, there is a paradigm s... More >>

Two Dates and a Dash in the Middle What Are You Going to Do With the ‘Dash?’

Two dates and a dash in the middle equates to you... More >>

HAZWOPER: What is It and How Does it Affect us?

Of the plethora of hazardous materials regulation... More >>

Maximizing Vehicles During Training

Training for vehicle extrication incidents, simil... More >>

I Need a Volunteer!

I recently completed my doctoral dissertation in ... More >>

Capnography Trouble Shooting Videos and Protocol Updates

There are two main things I want to talk about in... More >>

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