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EMS Perfect to Help With Needle Exchange Program

The use of injection drugs has been exploding ove... More >>

Two Dates and a Dash in the Middle What Are You Going to Do With the ‘Dash?’

Two dates and a dash in the middle equates to you... More >>

Fire Physics: The New Offensive Fire Attack?

By now, you may have heard, there is a paradigm s... More >>

The Active Shooter Threat: Fire and EMS Response Considerations Scene Safety: Fire and EMS at Active Shooter Events

As discussed in the first edition of this series,... More >>

Physical and Mental Close Call This Is My Story

May 5th, 2014 was a day that changed my life and ... More >>

The New ‘Elephant’ in the Room: Carfentanil

Recently there has been several incidents where p... More >>

‘As the First Line Goes So Does the Fire’

Fireground success can be achieved in a number of... More >>

The Truth About Cancer Hazards and Turnout Gear

Awareness of cancer clusters among firefighters h... More >>

South Carolina EMS Protocols Updated, Released and Ready for Use!

EMS Colleagues: It was great to see so many ... More >>

9/11 Established Officially as “First Responder Day” in North Carolina.

RALEIGH – During the 2017 Legislative Session, th... More >>

‘Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Destiny’

This is an open letter to a friend who is struggl... More >>

Have You Had the Talk?

As founder of Firefighter Behavioral Health Allia... More >>

ASK ERNIE - "The Maintenance Apparatus Expert"

— Ernie questions answered by Anthony D. (Tony) B... More >>

SELLING Your Hazardous Materials Response Program

Severe hazardous materials emergencies — train de... More >>

How Hoarding Affects the Fire Service

The home of a hoarder is not a pretty one. Blocke... More >>

BGEA UK Chaplains Stand With Londoners After Horrific Apartment Fire

Raw. That word kept coming to Nigel Fawcett-Jones... More >>

What Fitness Culture Defines You?

Being fit for duty is the most basic requirement ... More >>

What’s In Your Kit?

Do you carry a trauma kit? Is there one on your t... More >>

Lessons Learned: A Personal View

In a follow up to my article in a previous editio... More >>

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