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Living the Dream

Thirty-four years ago as an Auxiliary Firefighter... More >>

Important Information For the Grant Writer

Many emergency services agencies are looking for ... More >>

Several Items Concerning Rescue

I recently returned from the 60th Annual Conventi... More >>

Prehospital Guidelines for the use of Tranexamic Acid (TXA)

EMS in North Carolina continues to progress. Syst... More >>

Interior Attack: The Secret Fight Your Brothers and Sisters are Fighting

Every firefighter knows it; the feeling of jumpin... More >>

The ‘Cat’s Meow’ of  Lighting

I have to say that lighting technology has come a... More >>

Mass Violence Incidents

Given the recent violence against the blue team (... More >>

Are Fire Investigators Part of Fire Prevention?

After suppression operations are conducted and a ... More >>

Rescue Yourself Physically First

As we all know, firefighters and EMTs are in the ... More >>

Today’s Fire and Life Safety Programs Is It Working for You?

When looking at today’s fire and life safety effo... More >>

Teach me NOW about Fire Safety!

I was reminded again recently of the never yieldi... More >>

HCN and CO in Fire Fighting and EMS

It isn’t just Carbon Monoxide (CO) we need to wor... More >>

ASK ERNIE ”The Apparatus Maintenance Expert”

I am fairly new to the EVT vocation, but have ov... More >>

Metropolitan Medical Response System

The Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) t... More >>

Rainbow Stew

With national elections on the horizon, we are co... More >>

New Hazards It’s Time To Do Something

I am writing this several days after the attack o... More >>

Hazmat Team Leadership and Management: Keeping the Torch Lit and Eventually Passing it On

While pondering our next topic of conversation, I... More >>

Challenging Pediatric Dogma — A Human Factors Engineering Win

As a Nobel Prize winning scientist, Daniel Kahnem... More >>

Improving Prehospital Care of Athletes

There are many athletic events that EMS may be st... More >>

Training for Active Killer Situations

The Department of Defense has done an amazing job... More >>

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