Calculating Available Water Supply From a Dry Hydrant

Over many years I have been asked to calculate available water supplies from dry hydrants for numerous fire departments for their rating inspections and certifications. I did this as a service when I... Read More...

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‘Old School’ Rescue Techniques Still Work Today

Rescue training has changed greatly in the last 40 years, what with the advent of newer rescue equipment and the skills required to apply and utilize that equipment effectively and safely. There are ... Read More...

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Dressing for Cold Weather Search and Rescue Operations

Within the next two months, the cold weather will finally be upon us as winter arrives. While it may seem ridiculous to talk about proper dress and equipment issues utilized while you are in a cold w... Read More...

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Earthen Dams Construction, Function and Failures

Most of us in a rescue career may see some level of dam failure, especially when heavy rainfall associated with hurricanes pass through our state, or during extended periods of sustained rainfall.  ... Read More...

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Search and Operational Plans

One cannot deny that the devastating flooding from hurricane Matthew in the eastern part of North Carolina and the disastrous forest fires in the western end of the state in fall 2016 were “ones for ... Read More...

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Updating Your Extrication Techniques for 2017

(This is part one of a two-part series.) For many years I have preached that responders need to learn how to use many types of tools — including hand tools — to perform a given task or techniq... Read More...

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The Training Officer and Using Scenarios in Rescue Training

In our training as rescuers we go through classes such as contained in the Technical Rescue standards used in North Carolina. As part of the certification in such classes, rescuers are required to pa... Read More...

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Several Items Concerning Rescue

I recently returned from the 60th Annual Convention of the North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS held in Hickory, North Carolina on Sept. 8-11, 2016. There were instructional classes in rescue... Read More...

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Waterfalls Rescues and Recoveries

It is that time of year when people will inevitably go to look at these powerful natural features, to awe at their beauty, to photograph them, and for some, to be hurt or killed by unsuspected danger... Read More...

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Heavy Vehicle Rescue

As I sit and write this article, the holidays are upon us. Christmas is only a few weeks away and then we will move into another year. However, when you read this, the holidays will be over. Sometime... Read More...


Heavy Vehicle Rescue

As I write this, we are moving into summer and things are warming up. This is a good time to schedule classes through the summer and fall. More people will be traveling the roads and highways for sum... Read More...


Using aviation as search and rescue support

Last fall I was down at my hangar doing general maintenance when an officer from another fire-rescue agency called to discuss using aviation in rescue support roles. A couple years ago he had taken t... Read More...

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Heavy vehicle rescue

We talked about the statistics of trucks and buses on the highway and the crashes as they pertain to the drivers, road conditions and other factors that contribute to these crashes. We also looked at... Read More...

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But, there is not a standard for that!

Recently, while discussing training standards in North Carolina with members of a rescue association, the topic centered on all of the “rescue standards” available to both paid and volunteer rescuers... Read More...

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Structural tower rescue

(This is part three of a three part series on structural tower rescue.) Last issue we focused our discussion on structural tower management to include tower related emergencies and medical consi... Read More...

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Keeping First Responders Safe

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