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04/06/2017 -

Richmond County commissioners create service district for East Rockingham Fire Dept. bu.png


More people will be sharing in the cost of keeping the East Rockingham Fire Department running. The Richmond County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to create a fire service district to replace the current rural fire protection district following a public hearing. Donna Wright, Richmond County emergency services director, showed commissioners two maps — one outlining area that the department serves, the other featuring the region that's currently taxed. "Everyone would pay the same tax for protection," she said. The commissioners' vote not only establishes the district, but eliminates the current tax and establishes a fire service fee for everyone in the new district at $0.10 per $100 value of property.  





Clayton donates fire truck to Fairmont bu.png


The Fairmont City Fire Department received a pumper truck from the the Clayton Fire Department Tuesday that Fairmont Fire Chief Garrett Robinson said is badly needed to improve his department's responses to local fires. "Clayton is donating this fire engine to us to replace one of ours that has been out of service since Dec. 16," the chief said. "The one we had is old and would have cost $40,000 to repair. I don't see putting that much money into such an old truck with the kind of repairs that were needed." According to Robinson, the donated truck, a pumper that pumps 1,500 gallons of water per minute, saved the town $350,000. "We would have had to purchase a brand new truck,"Robinson said. "This saved us a lot of money."  



Sixteen displaced by Salisbury apartment fire bu.png


Fire in a duplex apartment building displaced at sixteen residents on Tuesday night. The fire was reported at approximately 6:45 pm in a duplex apartment in the 1300 block of Old Wilkesboro Road. The building is on the corner of Old Wilkesboro and Alexander Lane. Investigators say the fire was an accident, caused by a child playing with a lighter. All of the residents were safely out of the building when firefighters arrived. Salisbury Fire Chief Robert Parnell said that there was damage to a building that contains two units, and that smoke spread through a breezeway into a second building.  




Volunteer Rolesville Firefighter Chris Sok Becomes Career Firefighter bu.png


Christopher Sok wasted no time and few words when asked about his best quality as a firefighter. "I bring a hard work ethic," he said. But don't mistake Sok's brevity for a lack of dedication to his position as the newest full-time firefighter at the Rolesville Rural Fire Department. Captain Brian Ward sees the exemplary commitment that Sok has to the department, the job and the community as a first-responder. "Motivated, dedicated, and very educated on his job" are some of the ways Ward describes Sok. "He takes pride in the way his tools look, all the time he's fixing, repairing, painting," Ward added. "He's motivated in keeping things looking good." Sok has shown a serious work ethic and commitment to firefighting since he first became a volunteer firefighter in August 2014.  



Florence County Council moves forward with West Florence Fire ordinance in special meeting bu.png


The Florence County Council is one step closer to a plan to bring the West Florence Fire District into the county's unified fired district. On Tuesday, the council held a special meeting to approve the second reading of an ordinance that allows the planning and preparation phase to begin. A public hearing also was held, but nobody showed up to comment. The ordinance was introduced last month and passed unanimously during the brief called meeting Tuesday. It probably will be fully approved in the council's regular monthly meeting on April 20, despite the West Florence Fire District filing an appeal and being granted a stay to remain operational.  



Myrtle Beach principal supports gun carry bill for first responders bu.png


State lawmakers are debating a bill that would allow first responders to carry guns on school campuses in emergency situations. The bill was inspired by the elementary school shooting last September in Townville, where a volunteer firefighter was able to take down the shooter. Deborah Wilfong, principal of St. Andrews Catholic School in Myrtle Beach, says she's in favor of first responders being able to carry a concealed weapon when responding to emergencies on campus. "If we were to call from the school and need help immediately and they were the first ones to be here, and if that's what they needed to have for their protection and ours, I would support that," voices Wilfong.  



Fire destroys Cross Hill home bu.png


Firefighters in Laurens County are investigating a fire that destroyed a house in the Cross Hill area Wednesday morning. The fire was at a home on Harris Springs Road. The fire was reported after 3 a.m. and firefighters reported the blaze was fully involved when they arrived. Firefighters said they received reports that someone was staying at the house but were not able to verify it. There were no known injuries from the fire as of 5:30 a.m. Firefighters said the cause of the fire was under investigation.  



North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue replacing decade-old reporting software bu.png

North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue is in the process of getting new reporting software. The department has been using their current software for nearly 13 years. The new software, called Emergency Reporting, will give the department some needed upgrades. "Right now we have no EMS software in house," said Lt. Jayson Edge. "We're looking to integrate our EMS software database with our fire software. Right now, we have two separate software: one goes to the state and one's local." That feature will have a big impact on the department, because around 80% of their calls are medical calls. "Our new software integrates them into one database for us so it helps us with efficiency," added Lt. Edge. It will also help spot fire and medical call trends.  


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