LOCKDOWN: This is Not A Drill

Almost daily news headlines appear with threats occurring all across the nation concerning active shooter situations. Active shooter incidents begin rapidly and end nearly as quickly. The Department ... Read More...


A Hidden Danger in Turbojet Nozzles

I recently uncovered what I see to be a danger for firefighters in structural interior firefighting. When it comes to interior firefighting, gallons per minute (GPM) is of the upmost importance in ex... Read More...

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The First Standard to Address Active Shooter Events NFPA 3000 Emphasizes Integrated Planning, Response and Recovery

It happened again. Another senseless mass killing in another unsuspecting community. Active shooter incidents and hostile events have become a common occurrence around the world. Over the course... Read More...

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From the Commanding General

One of the hallmarks of exceptional organizations is that it learns, grows, refines and develops itself over time. This is certainly the case for the United States Army. Over the past 233 years, the ... Read More...

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The Cancer Blueprint for Change

We have all seen the images of the salty firefighter with the soot covered face, the stains on their gear and charred debris falling off their helmet and air pack. This was seen as a mark of experien... Read More...

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The Fire Service and the Big ‘C’

Here is this quarter’s pop quiz. Aside from heart disease, which can have a number of underlying precipitating factors, what is the deadliest disease in the United States? The answer is malignant neo... Read More...

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Things That Go BOOM DOT Hazard Class 1 — Explosives

If you watch any movie or television show, one aspect of hazardous materials that is constantly overdone is DOT Hazard Class 1 – Explosives. The smallest amount of explosives will produce the biggest... Read More...

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Building Relationships Public Sector/Private Sector Partnerships

Quite often we — the collective “we” meaning public sector hazmat responders — become ensconced in our own hazmat response worlds and therefore also become somewhat isolated from the entire “big pict... Read More...


How to Make the Right Decision When Making Your Gas Monitoring Purchase

Do you know the total cost of your gas monitoring program? From initial purchase, testing, maintenance, repair, training and finally replacement, it’s probably much more than you think! Most people i... Read More...

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Reputation Management

In the past I have written about reputation management because it seems to me, for a while many major fire conferences across the country had someone speaking about this subject, “And the Beat Goes O... Read More...

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Raleigh Fire Department

Department Name: Raleigh Fire Department County: Wake Type Department: Fire Structure : Career ISO: 1 Read More...


City of Goose Creek Fire Department

Department Name: City of Goose Creek Fire Department County: Berkeley Type Department: Career/Paid Structure: Municipal Government ISO: Class 2 Number of Stations:... Read More...


NFPA Training Helps Community Members Prepare Homes and Businesses for Wildfires

On Sept. 13-14, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) will host Classroom Training Week at the Embassy Suites in Charlotte. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about important wil... Read More...

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Calculating Available Water Supply From a Dry Hydrant

Over many years I have been asked to calculate available water supplies from dry hydrants for numerous fire departments for their rating inspections and certifications. I did this as a service when I... Read More...

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How Is Your Training?

When you read this, we will be enjoying all that summer brings. I hope everyone’s spring was good, and you were able to enjoy some family time, personal time and just good “ole” down time. This is s... Read More...


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